Kangaroo Juice

The Sussex Based Party Band

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Please note that prices vary depending on location, time, size of venue and party, access to venue etc

Gold Package - From £800

- Full Set-up including stage lighting, backdrop and effects*

- 2 x 1 Hour Sets

- Disco before, in the break and after until agreed time**

- Arrival before guests

Silver Package - From £700

- Set-up including stage lighting and backdrop*

- 2 x 1 Hour Sets

- Arrival before guests

Bronze Package - From £600

- Basic set-up

- 2 x 45 Minute Sets

We can also supply a professional photographer who will attend your whole event and supply all images on a DVD - Additional Charges apply.

* Due to space and height restrictions it may not always be possible for us to use the backdrop and lighting rigs.

** Subject to licence restrictions.

All of the equipment we use is fully professional, well maintained and looked after. Below is a list of items we use for those that would like to know.


2 x Mackie SRM450V2's

2 x Mackie SRM1801 Subs

1 x Shure In-Ear Monitor System

2 x LD Systems In-Ear Monitor Systems

1 x Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer

2 x Behringer DI Box


1 x Shure Beta58a Wireless Mic

2 x Shure Beta58a Vocal Mics

3 x Shure SM58 Style Vocal Mics

5 x Shure SM57 Instument Mics

1 x Shure Wireless Sax System

1 x 7 Peice Drum Mic Set

Lighting, Effects and Backdrops:

2 x KAM LED Power Par Bars

3 x Intimidator Spot Duo Moving Heads

2 x LED Wash Bars

1 x ADJ DMX Controller

1 x KAM Fog Machine

2 x Magic FX Power Shot Confetti System

1 x Full Posterior Gantry System

2 x Double Height Lighting Stands


1 x TC Electronics Voicelive 3

1 x Victory V30 Valve Amp Head

1 x Victory 2 x 12 Guitar Cab

1 x Orange CR120 Amp Head

1 x Orange 4 x 12 Guitar Cab

1 x Epiphone Les Paul Guitar

1 x Epiphone Nighthawk Guitar

1 x Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar

1 x Shure Beta Guitar System

1 x Shark Wireless Guitar Pack


1 x Hartke  Bass Amp

1 x Line 6 LowDown 300

1 x Shark Wireless Guitar Pack

Selection of Basses


1 x Peace Orange Acrylic 24, 12, 14, 16

1 x Gibraltar Comfort Stool

Sabian AAX Cymbals and percussion


1 x Yamaha NP-V60 Keyboard

1 x Roland FP80 Stage Piano

1 x ProCare Tambourine